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The Man Who Taught Us To Paint

The inspiration behind Rocks Painting is none other than our father, James.

Growing up, he instilled in us the value of hard work and earning what we desire in life. One of the many skills he imparted was the art of painting.

While Dad didn't necessarily expect us to make a lifelong career out of painting, it quickly became clear that giving up the team we built would be all but impossible.

Whether we were facing tight deadlines or challenging ourselves to improve daily we ultimately learned the importance of unity and perseverance.

Dad, with 30 years of painting experience, set an incredibly high standard.

Watching him effortlessly freehand perfect lines both amazed and frustrated us.

Yet, his insistence on perfection was a testament to his dedication and desire for us to do our best. Underneath it all, he wasn't mean – he simply wanted us to give our all, a trait we would inherit from him.

Now, as a team, we can finally flawlessly execute those straight lines, thanks to the relentless effort we put in during our formative years.

We owe our high-quality work to our Dad, who, at 65, remains the best among us.

Yet, we continue to strive for perfection, recognizing that the effort we invest in the small moments defines who we are- it's the thing that sets us apart.

James's teachings are ingrained in everything we do here at Rocks Painting.

Our commitment to quality isn't just a statement we make; it's a reflection of our father's influence. Our work is a continual pursuit of the standards he set for us, ensuring that the legacy of excellence lives on.

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